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CGI Managed Database Services

Customizable Services that Improve Database Reliability, Security, Performance and Reduce Costs

CGI’s Managed Database Services offer flexible options to meet the database requirements of any organization, allowing clients to select the services that best suit their needs.

CGI Database Services

CGI has developed a series of ‘a la carte offerings’ specifically targeting the design, implementation, maintenance and upkeep of today’s complex Database platforms. Your needs vary, so we provide the ability to pick and choose offerings complementing your On-premises or Cloud-based Oracle and/or Microsoft Azure Database platforms. Depending on the service provided, we offer both Managed and Consulting (Project) services.

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Each offering is tailored to a meet a specific need. We provide high value and maximum impact to complement your Database ecosystem. We combine industry best practices, deep specialized skills and the highest manufacturer partnership levels to provide you with assurances that your data is accessible, optimized and secure.

This is the CGI Advantage!


See how the Golden Circle illustrates the What, How, and most importantly, Why CGI provides you with outstanding value!

Why CGI Database Services?

    Cost Management
  • Keep costs minimized through efficiencies in people, process and technology.
    Asset Efficiency
  • Ensure needless overconsumption and overpayment of assets and underuse of benefits.
    Improved End-user Experience
  • Ensure optimal accessibility and performance of assets to drive positive End User Experience.
    IT Workforce Efficiency
  • Align internal workforce to strategic initiatives and leverage best-in-class partner in complementary fashion.
    Risk Management
  • Reduce risk of security breaches, accessibility to data, performance affecting end-user experience and supportability of assets.

How do we do it? Our People!(Sample)


Proficiency Level

    Level 5
  • Resources at this level are highly skilled. They work in strategic management. They are experts in problem-solving, coaching and helping other resources.
  • Level 4
  • Experts in their field. They do not need help from other professionals. They generally focus on strategic management and problem-solving in their respective domains
  • Level 3
  • Level 3 resources are experts of middle-order. They have the relevant knowledge, skills and experience. Hence they can carry out the activities on their own with average competence. Occasionally, intervention from professionals might be needed.
  • Level 2
  • Resources that have basic concepts and skills and also have some practical knowledge. The focus is on acquiring new experiences through mentoring and training.

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